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Lisa Hutcheson, Managing Partner of J.C. Williams | RCC SVP Karl Littler

In this episode Lisa Hutcheson, Managing Partner of J.C. Williams Group joins us to talk about her rich, decades long background in retail and the retail mega trends brought together in the annual Ebeltoft Groups’s Global Retail Trends and Innovations report, for the past decade or so one of my favourite reads of the year. We talk about the 2020 report, the four key trends that pull together the retail case studies and a few of the standout retailers representing each of the four big trends. Next, Karl Littler, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs from RCC returns to the podcast to bring us up to speed on the ratification process and timeline in Canada for the new NAFTA agreement, CUSMA. Karl also provides a masterclass on understanding the new, hard fought De Minimis rules that will helping keep the playing field level for online retailers in Canada.

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