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Mimi Lam, Co-Founder & CEO Superette | Bruce Linton Former CEO Canopy Growth Corporation

In this episode I visit with Mimi Lam, CEO and co-founder of cannabis retailer Superette in her soon-to-be opened Toronto store. We explore their award winning brand and retail concept, lessons learned from a fast-paced first year with their store in Ottawa, and what lies ahead for this innovative retailer. Next, the one and only Bruce Linton, Founder and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Canopy Growth Corporation, the cannabis company he started in 2012 and grew to an organization with a market cap of $20billion with $5billion in the bank. We meet at the Restaurant Canada show in Toronto just before he was interviewed on the main stage. We talk about our shared paths from Carleton University in Ottawa, lesson learned, the road ahead, and what he would do as Canada’s cannabis Czar!

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