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Nadia Vattovaz, EVP Fire & Flower | Forrester VP Sucharita Kodali | DTC retailer Rachael Rapinoe

First up on this episode retail veteran Nadia Vattovaz, CFO & EVP Operations at Fire & Flower talks about operating across Canada during COVID-19 powered by their purpose built, retail 2.0 company, allowing them to roll out curb side and home delivery in lightening speed with fantastic results with awesome consumer experience thanks to the power of their people. Next up Forrester Research Vice President & top retail analyst Sucharita Kodali is back on the podcast looking at the catastrophic retail results in the U.S. and what all retailers should be focused on today to ensure there is a tomorrow including re/up-skilling their idle teams, investing on neglected areas of the business, and mastering the mechanics of click & collect or curb side. Elite soccer player/trainer turned health scientist, entrepreneur and DTC retailer Rachael Rapinoe is my final guest, taking lessons from the pitch and turning them into focus on the touch line of her CBD brand for retail Mendi.

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