Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy | Ron Tite on his book "Think. Do. Say" - Retail Council of Canada
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Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy | Ron Tite on his book “Think. Do. Say”

First an exclusive interview with Ron Johnson, veteran retailer credited with taking the vision of Steve Jobs and crafting Apple retail into the behemoth it is today, then taking over J.C. Penny and launching a bold experiment in mass merchant retailing and now CEO of Enjoy. Recorded live from his offices in California, I connect with Ron just prior to his main-stage keynote presentation at RCC’s DTLQC conference in Montreal November 5th; we talk about this perspectives on the current and future state of retailing, and where his new venture, Enjoy, fits into key moments of truth for the consumer. Next I talk to Ron Tite, Toronto based author, marketing guru and stand-up comedian discussing his latest book, “Think. Do. Say: Building Personal and Organizational Momentum in a Busy, Busy World”