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City of Victoria single-use cup and food container bylaw upcoming

December 20, 2022

Victoria City Council will consider a redrafted single-use item reduction bylaw at their January 5, 2023 meeting. The bylaw would require:

  • a 25-cent fee to be charged per single-use cup distributed (kept by business)
  • a 25-cent fee to be charged for orders with single-use food service containers (kept by business)
  • the menu and receipt must display “single-use cup fee:” or “single-use container fee:” and the amount of the fee
  • single-use accessories (forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks, beverage cup lids [except for hot beverages], straws, stir sticks, drink plugs, drink trays, cup sleeves, napkins, and, condiment and seasoning packages) will be by request or self-service only
  • reusable cups or food service wear must be provided for on-site dining (subject to exemptions) except where food wrappers or paper sleeves are provided to customers (not applicable to prepackaged beverages or food)
  • the bylaw does not apply to the sale of prepared food and beverages or single-use items sold as a product, ordinarily in multiples

Effective dates would be based upon the passage of the bylaw and are generally between three months and two years after the passage of the bylaw.

For questions or more information contact

Greg Wilson
Director, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs