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Guidance changes for BC food businesses

June 15, 2021

The BC Centre for Disease Control has adjusted their COVID-19 guidance for food businesses in two ways. Cleaning requirements under “cleaning and disinfecting of non-food areas” was changed to read: “Regularly clean and disinfect point of sale devices and equipment for handling payments, washrooms, and other common touch points. Because COVID-19 transmissions from touching shared surfaces is low risk it is NOT necessary to disinfect after each use.” (Changes italicized.)
Guidance was also changed regarding reusable bags, cups and containers, and handling of returns for recycling. The guidance now reads: “COVID-19 transmission from handling reusable containers such as grocery bags, coffee mugs, dollar bills, coins, bulk bins and other reusable items HAS NOT BEEN DOCUMENTED. There are transmissions linked to touching shared surfaces, such as elevator buttons or lids of garbage cans. Because the risk is low, premises may go back to normal activities as long as COVID safety measures known to reduce overall risk are maintained.”