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Privacy: Canadian agreement signed to promote collaboration between feds, provinces

May 17, 2022

On May 10, 2022, privacy regulators in Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia signed a collaboration agreement with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada – promising to show greater collaboration on private sector privacy issues.

The memorandum of understanding comes as jurisdictions are reviewing their respective privacy laws to better reflect modern technologies and considering new, more stringent rules, some of which may significantly affect retail operations. Quebec is the first Canadian jurisdiction to pass one of these laws and the first set of rules are coming into force in Fall 2022.

This multi-regulator agreement also states two new forums will be created: Private Sector Privacy Forum and the Domestic Enforcement Collaboration Forum.

RCC has advocated for national consistency across private sector privacy law and regulation. We are pleased to see this development.

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Kate Skipton
Senior Policy Analyst, Government Relations

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