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New Brunswick proof of vaccination requirements come into effect September 22, 2021

September 22, 2021

Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the Maritime provinces, the New Brunswick government has reinstated its mandatory masking rules for indoor public spaces, introduced new regulations related to proof of vaccination and pre-registration of travel into the province. 

Beginning September 22, 2021, people over the age of 12 will need to show proof of vaccination and government issued ID in order to access sit down restaurants, cinemas, bars, sporting events and more.

The proof of vaccination and showing a government issued ID will not be required for retail and for quick service restaurants (QSR), but the QSR exemption only applies to take out and drive thru service. For dine-in customers, QSR operators can ask for proof of vaccination at the order counter, before the customers take their seats. 

Government has yet to provide clarification regarding the rules for food courts and for retail stores that have sit down dining / drinking areas (e.g. seats next to a deli counter in a grocery retail store or a café). RCC has asked the government to reconsider asking for government ID in addition to a proof of vaccine noting the following:

  • It is overly intrusive.
  • Many young people (e.g. teenagers) have limited identification and thus, it will cause problems for businesses when young customers wish to frequent a business.

The government is not closing the border but will be requiring proof of vaccination for all travellers. Beginning September 21, 2021, government will provide an online form, which most travellers must complete prior to entering or re-entering the province. This form and the proof of vaccination does not apply to commercial truckers, while they are working. These rules do apply to most other travellers and New Brunswickers (with an exception for residents of Campobello Island). There will be a section in the form to provide vaccination status information. 

Jim Cormier

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