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Truck drivers who operate in New Brunswick must follow additional restrictions

May 4, 2021

The New Brunswick government has updated its mandatory order which impacts retailers who rely on the transportation of goods either into or through the province of New Brunswick.

The relevant section of the mandatory order (see page 11) reads as follows:

On each occasion a non-resident commercial truck driver operates within New Brunswick to either deliver or pick up goods or transverse to Nova Scotia, PEI, Maine, or Quebec, they must, while in New Brunswick, isolate as much as possible in their vehicle while satisfying the essentials of life such as fuel, food, washroom use, emergency health care, and must avoid all unnecessary contact with people and follow all guidelines of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

This change in the order does not restrict the ability for a commercial trucker (from outside New Brunswick) to do their job but it will place increased limitations on their movement while in the province.

Jim Cormier

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