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City of Toronto outlines retailer “no mask, no service” responsibilities

July 7, 2020

Toronto has issued guidance material to support retailers in understanding their responsibilities under the upcoming “no mask , no service” policy. This information includes a checklist, a sample policy, a poster and a pre-recorded webinar.

By-Law 541-2020 requires the use of face masks or face coverings, with some exceptions, in all indoor public spaces. This by-law is enforceable as of July 7, 2020, and requires all owners/operators of businesses open to the public to do the following in order to avoid fines:

  1. Develop a policy to ensure members of the public wear a mask or face covering upon entry, and while remaining within all enclosed spaces of their establishment;
  2. Upon request, provide a copy of this policy for inspection by any person authorized to enforce this bylaw;
  3. Post signage, visible at all entrances of the establishment, reminding people to wear a mask or face covering; and
  4. Train all persons working at the establishment on the requirements of the policy and this bylaw.

For further information contact Sebastian Prins, Director, Government Relations (Ontario) at