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Clarifying Step 3 capacity limits and fitting room rules in Ontario

July 13, 2021

Many RCC members have inquired if “100% COVID-19 capacity” means a return to regular building code/fire code capacity limits. To be clear, it does not. There are still tighter capacity restrictions for customers. Essentially, this is a 2 times increase to capacity for essential retailers, and a 4 times increase to capacity for non-essential retailers compared to the Step 2 requirements.

While the capacity section of the regulation speaking to Step 3’s rules (O. Reg. 364/20) has changed a lot in its appearance, there are still requirements to post capacity signage at the front-of-store.

In conversation with members, RCC also wanted to highlight that while there are still enhanced cleaning requirements for fitting rooms (which is, “as frequently as is necessary to maintain a sanitary condition”), there is no longer a requirement to have every other fitting room closed.

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