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Invitation for COVID-19 workplace testing of retail employees in Ontario

June 12, 2020

RCC has been in discussions with the Ontario government to provide free COVID-19 testing to retail employees in targeted areas as workplaces continue to gradually reopen. These testing campaigns will be one-time initiatives for testing of asymptomatic employees with the goal of better understanding where the COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ are and provide data to inform future approaches to testing. The testing is voluntary and employees may choose not to be tested. In addition, unless individuals are showing symptoms or have had contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19, they will not be expected to self-isolate post-test and can continue working as they await the results of their test. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Sebastian Prins, Director of Government Relations (Ontario), at and include name, phone and email for the individual that Ontario Public Health should connect with for further discussion.

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