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Quebec curfew lifted, terraces to open and reopening plan

May 18, 2021

The government has announced the first steps of its reopening plan.

As of May 28 (except in areas where emergency measures are in effect)

  • Curfew lifted
  • Restaurant outdoor terraces open
    • Red and orange levels: 2 adults from different addresses with their children (minors) OR occupants of a single private residence per table.
    • Yellow level: Occupants of 2 residences per table.
  • Outdoor gatherings permitted on private property
    • Maximum 8 people from separate residences or occupants of 2 residences, 2-metre distancing applies
  • Travel bans between regions lifted
  • Relaxation of rules for large indoor venues and outdoor stadiums with pre-assigned seating
    • Maximum 2,500 people in independent zones of 250 people each
    • Separate entrances, exits and toilets for each zone
    • Demarcated indoor zones 
    • Zones monitored at all times
    • Entrance management spread over time

Starting June 11

  • Outdoor terraces of bars open
    • Red and orange levels: 2 adults from different addresses OR occupants of a single private residence per table.
    • Yellow level: Occupants of 2 residences per table.
  • Unsupervised sports and recreation allowed outdoors in group of 25 people
    • Red and orange levels: contactless sports
    • Yellow level: sports with brief contacts

Starting June 25

  • Day and vacation camps opening
  • Outdoor public activities and events allowed according to specific rules
  • Easing of requirements on wearing masks and distancing oneself from private gatherings for people vaccinated with 2 doses
  • Relaxation of rules for outdoor stadiums with fixed pre-assigned seating
    • Maximum 2,500 people

End of August and later

  • Progressive relief depending on epidemiological situation and vaccination coverage if 75% of those aged 12 years and over have received a second dose
    • Flexibility in childcare and preschool settings
    • Return to normal organization at primary and secondary level
    • Return to face-to-face work in higher education
    • Progressive return to face-to-face work
    • Additional relief for gatherings, sports and recreation
    • Increased person limits for indoor venues and outdoor events
    • End of color levels
  • Reduced requirements for masks and distancing in public places or events for people vaccinated with 2 doses and depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

For more information on sanitary measures, visit the government’s website or contact Jean-François Belleau or Marc Fortin.     

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