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What Is Graff Retail TV?

As the industry leader in online retail training solutions, Graff Retail and Graff Retail TV have been helping retailers drive in-store performance for over 20 years.  Now with the push towards e-learning, we have taken all of our selling and management programs and built the most effective, efficient and affordable retail e-learning programs available in the industry.

Why Switch To E-Learning?

Graff Retail TV is truly the best way to train retail teams!  Whether you subscribe to the Get Selling program or the Get Managing series, (or both!) you’ll benefit from:

  • Unlimited attendance for your team, regardless of the number of employees you have.  Subscriptions are based on a per store basis.
  • 24/7 access to the e-learning site
  • Online videos that can be watched once, twice, three times...there’s no cap on learning!
  • All programs come with management reinforcement tools and coaching tips
  • On-going support* from Graff experts to ensure you make the most of the training *Includes free launch webinars to set your teams up for success, live webinars with Kevin Graff and daily e-selling tips to motivate your teams every day
  • Ability to track and generate performance reports on an individual employee basis so you can see the training in action
  • Online assessments to reinforce learning
  • Personalized certificates of completion for every staff member
  • Customized, company-branded e-learning sites available
RCC members can subscribe to Get Selling or Get Managing for less than $2 per day!
Bundle both training programs for a fully trained staff and management team for less than $4 per day!

SUBSCRIBE TODAY:  905-842-1275      [email protected]