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COVID-19 Consumer Tracking Survey

July 7, 2020

Each week, Leger publishes a survey conducted in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS), helping us better understand the attitudes and behaviours of Canadians in the face of the current health and economic crisis. This series of surveys is available on Leger’s website.

Conducted using our representative LEO (Leger Opinion) panel, in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS), and published in The Canadian Press.

  • 86% of Canadians and 79% of Americans think wearing a face covering/protective mask on public transit should be mandatory.
  • 51% of Canadians and 60% of Americans currently find it stressful to leave their house and be in public.
  • Over the past couple of weeks, fear of contracting the coronavirus has been trending upward among Canadians.

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