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Retail By The Numbers

Retail By The Numbers is a monthly report issued by Retail Council of Canada. It consolidates Statistics Canada data and provides a summary of key performance measures for retail trade by sales sector, province, price index evolution and employment.

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Canada’s Retail Growth; Seasonally Adjusted Sales

Percent Growth


September  2019 to October 2019October 2018 to October 2019
 Total Retail Sales+ 2.57%+ 0.23%
Core Retail+ 3.12%+ 1.86%
 Auto parts+ 33.96%– 0.33%
Retail Trade Furniture and home furnishings stores– 1.91%+ 2.51%
Electronics Electronics and appliance stores– 2.98%– 17.46%
 Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers– 1.11%+ 0.94%
Food and Grocery Food and beverage stores+ 3.47%+ 3.05%
Health Supplies Health and personal care stores+ 4.43%– 2.90%
Clothing Clothing and clothing accessories stores+ 7.42%+ 3.84%
Sporting Goods Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores– 14.78%– 3.56%
General Merchendise General merchandise stores+ 7.10%+ 5.50%
Source: Statistics Canada. Table 20-10-0008-01 Retail trade sales by province and territory (x 1,000)




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