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Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) expected to apply measures on romaine lettuce imported from Salinas CA

June 7, 2021

RCC received advance notice from CFIA with regards to its planned risk mitigation measures for the romaine lettuce fall import season. 

CFIA anticipates that a comprehensive sampling and testing protocol will be in place for romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley, California this fall, likely beginning in late September. Measures will be similar to what was in place in 2020, unless/until the existing routes of e. coli contamination have been identified and controlled. An official notice is expected from “MyCFIA” on Friday or early next week.

RCC will continue to liaise with CFIA and advise members over the summer. We are also working with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) and other industry partners to provide CFIA with feedback to minimize unnecessary impacts e.g. avoiding proof of origin attestations.

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