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The Great Canadian shopping trip: Grocery shopping stats

May 13, 2019
The Great Canadian shopping trip: Grocery shopping stats

Canadians love to shop for their food. But, how often are their trips? How much time do they spend in the aisles? And, what do they want out of their grocery shopping experience?

Frequency of trips

The average Canadian visits 2.3 grocery stores regularly. The average Canadian will visit a grocery store 5.43 times a month, 1.29 times a week, 32 minutes on average.

Ordering online?

50% of Canadians don’t intend to purchase food online.

Ease and convenience

66% of Canadians acknowledged to have used self-checkouts.

In-store assistance

82% of Canadians believe it is important to be able to ask for some assistance if needed when grocery shopping.

Watch what you eat

Almost 20% of respondents have dietary preferences, and respondents from Ontario are more likely to have dietary preferences than others.

La Belle Province

More than 20% of Quebecers only visit one grocery store while almost 25% of Atlantic Region respondents visit more than three stores regularly.


Source: Dalhousie University’s Grocery Experience National Survey Report

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