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Integrated Violent Offender Unit making streets safer

June 21, 2023

On May 7, 2023, the Manitoba Integrated Violent Offender Apprehension Unit was launched, designed to use sophisticated criminal intelligence techniques to target and closely monitor high-risk individuals with arrest warrants, involvement in gangs, drug trafficking, as well as ties to organized crime. These are also the individuals that create higher-risk situations in Manitoba retail stores.

Last week, the Unit reported that it had made 21 arrests in the first month, targeting individuals who posed a significant threat to public safety, including over 10 on bail. The unit has conducted 92 wanted-person checks and maintains an active target list comprising of high-risk offenders. While RCC’s retail-specific safety and security work continues, we want to recognize the efforts of RCMP, Winnipeg Police Service, and the support of the Manitoba Government in the standing up of this Unit.

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