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Reopening of businesses and resumption of activities on Sunday in Quebec

May 18, 2020

Prime Minister François Legault confirmed the reopening of businesses in the Greater Montreal Area as well as allowing stores to resume reopening on Saturday.

Reopening May 25

RCC’s wishes to put an emphasis on the step forward that constitutes the reopening of businesses in the Greater Montreal area next Monday, May 25, 2020.

Important clarification

réouverture des commerces dimanche / reopening businesses Sunday

It is important to note that only businesses with a storefront will be able to reopen. Shopping Centers will remain closed as in the rest of Quebec.

RCC continues to be aware of the various measures implemented in essential businesses over the past few months and will continue to guide members towards a safe reopening for both consumers and employees.

More information :
Consult the press release (French only)

Reopening on Sundays

As of May 24, 2020, essential retailers (grocery, pharmacy, etc.) in the Greater Montreal Area may be open on Sundays. Beginning May 31, all the Greater Montreal Area businesses will be able to open on Sundays. For the rest of Quebec, retailers may open on Sundays as of May 24 for all businesses.

This flexibility will allow retailers to distribute the traffic over 7 days rather than 6 days, thus promoting better social distancing. It should be noted that the flexibility linked to the number of employees and extended hours disappears with the return to the usual regulations on opening hours.

More information :
Consult the press release (French only)

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