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Make your business sing with the right music

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Imagine the customer experience in a store without music. No toe tapping while picking up groceries, no tunes to hum along to as you wait for your coffee.

According to research1, the majority of Canadians say they enjoy their shopping experience more when they hear music. Music is an emotionally rooted medium that creates connections with customers quickly. And when it’s not there, we notice.

So how do you ensure that the music you’re using makes sense? Here are four easy tips:

  1. Play music that aligns with your brand and the expectations of your customers. Does your playlist consider the age and demographics of your customers? Would songs or instrumentals be the better choice? Ask yourself these questions before you hit the play button.
  2. Consider what’s happening outside your business. Is there a seasonal event that’s affiliated with music? Is there a festival or major sports event happening in your city that’s worth tapping into? When it’s a fit, piggyback on them.
  3. Ask your staff their opinion and be open to their feedback. Ask your staff what they’d like to hear or what they think would fit based on their observations.
  4. Get licensed. Entandem is about working together to simplify music-in-business licensing while delivering more to music rights holders to ensure that they’re legally, fairly and ethically compensated for their copyright work.

Playing the right music is integral to your brand and can create a unique and inviting atmosphere, influence customer behaviour, and increase employee morale. Not only does music add great value in any business, especially in retail environments, using music responsibly ensures music makers can keep making great music.

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[1] 2015 SOCAN Food & Music Study