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Return on experience is a metric businesses can’t ignore

2019 Canadian Consumer Insights Survey

33% - A third of Canadian respondents said they’re willing to pay a premium for non-food items that are either sustainably or ethically produced. This was followed in popularity by items with sustainable packaging (32%) or eco-friendly offerings (32%).

From retail to health care, consumers are more demanding than ever. In this consumer-driven market, it’s time for a new metric to measure success.

Most, if not all, businesses use return on investment (ROI) to do this, but return on experience (ROX) probably isn’t as familiar. Our Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019 (GCIS) found that measuring ROX will help companies understand the return they’re getting on an investment made into parts of the organization directly related to how consumers interact with their brand. Because consumers are so discerning, most organizations need to invest far more in customer experience (CX) than what’s being done now.