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Larry Rosen, CEO of Harry Rosen, executive coach Jane Gaynor and Eric Morris GM Google Canada

In this special episode, Michael is helping retailer Harry Rosen Set The Tone with a new online webinar series which invites Canadian thought leaders and role models to chat about current events, their passions and how they set the tone for their personal and professional lives. In this first episode of the series, Larry Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Harry Rosen, and top executive coach Jane Gaynor are introduced by series host Trinh Tham, CMO for Harry Rosen and then join Michael to talk about leadership in the COVID era. Next, Michael welcomes back to the podcast Eric Morris, Managing Director of Retail for Google Canada, and they catch up and talk about the latest, fascinating, fresh insights from Google based on search data on how Canadian consumers are shopping and getting ready for Holiday 2020.

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