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Meet the AI that’s clearing the path for retailers in the great acceleration

Now more than ever before, digital marketers and retailers have a wealth of first-party data on consumers. Or at least they should. However, providing an authentic and unique e-commerce experience for audiences continues to prove difficult.

On this episode of The Voice of Retail, host Michael LeBlanc is joined by Frank Faricy, the CEO + Founder of XGen AI. They talk about the chronic pains of contemporary digital retail marketing and the challenges of effectively and efficiently targeting potential customers.

Learn about the innovative workings of XGen AI and how Frank and his team had to reinvent the wheel to get the cutting-edge platform that they run today. Their AI drives autonomous and real-time product recommendations with the goal of providing a true 1:1 digital shopping experience that is as dynamic and unique as each individual customer.

Let’s explore the potential that lies at the intersection of retail and artificial intelligence.

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