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Simons new CEO Bernard Leblanc on modern retail and leading an iconic Canadian retailer

For the first time in its 180 year history, La Maison Simon, better known as Simons, based in Quebec City, will be led by a non-family member as CEO. And you are about to meet him.

Simons was founded in 1840 by John Simons in Quebec City. It is Canada’s oldest private family business, with 15 Simons stores, nine in Quebec, including its head office in Quebec City, three in Alberta, one in British Columbia, and two in Ontario.

Michael LeBlanc’s guest in this exclusive interview is Simon’s new CEO, Bernard Leblanc.

After launching his business career at Simons, then a stint abroad, Bernard came back to Quebec City, assuming several key roles until ultimately being offered the leadership of this iconic Canadian retailer. In a wide-ranging interview, they talk about his career journey, plans for Simons, and how the COVID era may have changed retail. Still, the fundamentals continue to create remarkable connections with consumers.

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