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Alberta plans to be fully opened for summer on track

June 1, 2021

The province entered Stage 1 June 1, 2021, which featured a modest increase of retail capacity from 10% to 15% of fire code occupancy.

As vaccination rates continue to rise and the demands on the health system lessen, it is anticipated that Stage 2 of Alberta’s Open for Summer Plan will start on June 10, 2021. Stage 2 includes raising retail capacity to one-third of fire code occupancy, the reopening of indoor restaurant dining, the resumption of sports, reopening of gyms, and the expansion of outdoor social gatherings. The work-from-home order will also be lifted even though it is still recommended that people work from home when possible.

As part of Stage 3, tentatively tagged for June 28, 2021, RCC is working with the government to update sector guidelines and to ensure unnecessary and burdensome requirements are addressed.  
Indoor mandatory masking will remain in place throughout Stages 1 and 2. These requirements to wear masks indoors will likely shift to a recommendation as part of Stage 3.