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B.C. introduces new fines for violations of public health orders

August 21, 2020

Updated March 25, 2021: Effective immediately, an amendment to the Violation Ticket Administration and Fine Regulation raises the fine for promoting and for attending a non-compliant gathering or event from $230 to $575. The current fine for those who organize or host a prohibited event remains the same at $2,300, as does the $230 fine for failing to wear a mask and failing to abide by patron conditions.

Under the order, police and other enforcement officers can issue $230 violation tickets for individuals who refuse to comply with requests to follow the PHO order or safe operating procedures of a restaurant, bar or other licensed establishment, or respond with abusive behaviour towards employees. They may also issue $2,300 penalties to owners, operators and organizers for contraventions of the provincial health officer’s order on gatherings and events, and and $575 violation tickets (up from $230 as of March 25, 2021) to individuals who actively encourage others to attend gatherings or events that do not comply with established requirements, or refuse to leave or disperse when directed to do so by enforcement officers.

For more information on this announcement, please contact Greg Wilson, Director of Government Relations at gwilson@retailcouncil.org.