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BC updates food service Order

June 15, 2020

BC’s Provincial Health Officer yesterday issued a new Order revising their May 22, 2020 Order regarding food and beverage service. The new Order provides more flexibility. Where before there were separate restrictions for different types of premises serving food or drink, the Order now encompasses: “owners and operators of premises, including licensed premises, at which food or drink is served.” Guidance for self-service stations has been added (previously self-service was discouraged), with the requirement that those with self-service stations on their premises must: provide hand washing facilities or alcohol-based sanitizers within easy reach of the station; post signs reminding patrons to wash or sanitize their hands before touching self-service food or other items; maintain a two meter distance; and frequently clean and sanitize high touch surfaces at the station and utensils that are used for self-service.

There are also changes to occupancy guidelines for food services to reflect the possibility that seating is extended into outdoor areas, including sidewalks and streets (revising the previous strict 50% capacity limit). The revision also explicitly allows for partitions to be used between tables that do not adhere to the 2 meter physical distancing requirement, with some restrictions.