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City of Vancouver approves change to single-use beverage cup rules

March 8, 2022

Formal bylaw amendments have not yet been passed: On March 2, 2022, Vancouver City Council approved four changes to the City’s precedent-setting single-use beverage cup program:

  • A free beverage means a free cup – where a business is providing a beverage for free, the 25 cent cup charge will not be applicable;
  • Council has directed staff to work with non-profits and businesses to improve accessibility related to income inequality;
  • Require food vendors to accept a customer’s reusable cup for in-store orders beginning July 1, 2022;

Report back within 18 months with potential options to require businesses to provide reusable cups for drinks ordered to-stay, and, to participate in a cup-share program for to-go drinks.

For questions or more information contact

Avery Bruenjes
Senior Manager, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs

For questions or more information contact

Greg Wilson
Director, Government Relations (BC)

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