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Several relevant announcements in Saskatchewan throne speech

November 1, 2022

Saskatchewan’s throne speech last week included several relevant elements for RCC members, including safety, economic growth, and new operational programs.

The province renewed its commitment to enhance policing and general safety, and RCC believes there is an opportunity to work with the government on specific retail strategies.

With strong natural resource performance, the province is also well positioned to support specific sector labour development programs, and RCC will be reaching out to the government on this.

In November, just in time for holiday shopping, adult residents will also receive a $500 “affordability” cheque as part of surplus revenues.

Additionally, in the coming weeks, the province intends to introduce a Saskatchewan First Act that pushes back on what they believe are intrusive federal policies. As part of this agenda, Saskatchewan wants to collect corporate income taxes, similar to Alberta and Quebec, and have greater control over immigration and environmental rules.

As part of the throne speech, the government announced it will be fully exiting liquor retailing, recognizing that the private sector has met the gap effectively. Finally, the province will be introducing new accessibility legislation similar to Ontario and Manitoba, and as further details are provided, RCC will provide members with a deeper briefing.

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