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The breadth and scope of issues Retail Council of Canada is addressing with federal, provincial and municipal governments continues to grow. The quarterly flag report provides summaries of these issues and lists them according to their possible impact on your business.

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The Government of Canada's budget, tabled on March 22, contained two significant “wins” for members. First, the federal government maintained the de minimis rate at the current level of $20. This will ensure a level playing field for retailers when competing with foreign online sellers. Secondly, the government heard RCC’s concerns regarding implementation of new parental leave provisions and retailers need for certainty as the leave provisions are extended to 18 months. The government has confirmed that the existing EI benefits would be spread over the term of the leave, at a lower monthly amount, as opposed to the original proposal for leave to be taken on an intermittent basis which would have caused severe disruption for retailers.

Looking ahead, RCC will be focused on several significant files including changes to employment standards in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. A variety of international trade issues ranging from implementation of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the pending negotiations with U.S. and Mexico on the new North American Free Trade Agreement along with the potential for a trade deal with China and developing a proactive strategy to manage provincial regulations to recycle textiles.

RCC will also be intensifying its efforts to lower credit card interchange rates for Canadian merchants to levels similar to much lower rates in other markets, notably Europe.

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