RCC Musculoskeletal (MSI) Injury Prevention Program

RCC has worked with certified ergonomist Dan Robinson (PhD CCPE) and a working group of retail members to create the RCC Musculoskeletal (MSI) Injury Prevention Program — building handbooks and training programs focused on MSI injury prevention among employees. The aim of this initiative is to give retailers a base template from which to start when creating MSI prevention programs.

The guidance includes: segments on MSI Awareness Education for staff and employers (including a presentation and four training modules), Policy and Procedures, Prevention Design Guidance, and Risk Assessor Training.

MSI Training Modules

RCC depends on the support of our retail members to develop this and other programming.  For more information about membership in RCC, please membership@retailcouncil.org or visit our membership page.

For any information about the training materials, please contact Greg Wilson, Director of Government Relations, at gwilson@retailcouncil.org or Avery Bruenjes, Director of Regulatory Affairs, at abruenjes@retailcouncil.org.