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Quebec: Is my retail business an “essential service”?

All essential and non-essential retail businesses in Quebec can continue to sell to customers online, by phone and / or by mail or by delivery. Under certain conditions, online purchases with a secure collection point will be authorized.  

The Retail Council of Canada has done significant advocacy work to clarify what is considered an “essential retail business”, given the diverse needs of Quebecers.

With regards to the “essential” businesses, it is your responsibility to take all means to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Social distancing should be respected in the queues, in store and outside within the confines of your property. In addition, we strongly invite you to determine all potential areas that could be considered a risk such as rest rooms, kitchens and cafeterias of your companies and to apply the necessary security measures. Cafeterias serving food will have to close their dining room and offer only take-out food. The same logic applies to rest rooms and kitchens of your stores. Your administrative offices are assimilated to essential services, but all the functions which can be operated by telework will have to be done that way; the government counts on your collaboration.