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Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 – Euromotinor

May 6, 2021

The world changed for good, and bad, in 2020. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affected us all, and we acclimatised. Emerging habits accelerated, and how we now behave, spend and consume will never be the same. In 2021, we are adjusting our actions, which can differ amongst consumers and sometimes conflict. We want to make the world better — either for our own sake or for humanity. We want new ways to make life both convenient and safe, inside and outside. Where we have the ability, we are balancing our time creatively. Amidst the anxiety and turmoil, we seek holistic, resilient solutions, more thoughtful consumption and, in some cases, ways to fight back. Resilience and adaptability are the driving forces behind the top global consumer trends in 2021. The pandemic created, influenced or accelerated each of these 10 trends, forever altering consumer behaviour. Despite the hardships faced in 2020, consumers have not given up. They continue to find their voice and push forward to advocate for a better tomorrow.