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FREE opportunity for retailers to promote their businesses in February

January 14, 2021

With the holidays over, and a renewed sense of value-seeking and budget consciousness, Freebruary™ is a month-long event that will bring great Canadian brands and great deals to Canadians.

Freebruary™ is offering retailers with FREE promotional space on the Freebruary™ website to help intrigue consumers to try new products and services from Canadian brands.

Freebruary™ will be promoted by Retail Council of Canada as well as other networks including: #OntarioMade, Caddle, Sampler, Reebee, Canadian Independent Grocery Buyers Alliance.

How to participate?

Retailers, brands, businesses, restaurants, and service providers can participate for FREE by:

  • Submitting the proposed deal with a profile of your business on FREEBRUARY™ website 
  • Sharing the news of Freebruary™ the best way you can (email newsletter, Instagram post, etc)

For more information and to sign up visit FREEBRUARY™ website

Be heard. Save money. Stay informed.

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