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The current state of omnichannel – exclusive Forrester study commissioned by DAC

May 13, 2021

Omnichannel remains a highly misconstrued concept; a decade-long conversation with countless false starts and red herrings. The retail sector in particular has seen how omnichannel offers a seamless, continuous customer experience across online and offline touch points—but getting it wrong (or not thinking about it all) can result in bigger frustrations and an erosion of marketing ROI.

DAC recently commissioned Forrester to dig a little deeper into omnichannel and surveyed 256 marketing leaders to assess the current and future state of omnichannel, understand the challenges facing B2C brands, and reveal the key activities to bolster success.

RCC would like to thank DAC for its ongoing support and leadership in the retail sector. Find out how DAC combines best-in-class digital media expertise with deep knowledge of clients’ businesses to strategically engage customers, no matter who and—uniquely—where they are.

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