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B.C. releases discussion paper on consumer contracts, RCC seeks member input

September 13, 2022

The province has released a paper discussing potential changes to the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act that would impact various categories of retail.

Most relevant for a wide array of retailers are questions surrounding: (a) price (total price, itemized list of price components, additional charges, method and terms of payment, and, font size); (b) return, exchange and refund policies; and; (c) contracts for online sales. The principal questions in the paper surround distance sales, future performance, continuing service and direct sales contracts. RCC will respond to the discussion paper on behalf of the retail industry – and would be very pleased to receive input and assistance from members in preparing our response. The deadline for response is October 21, 2022.

For questions or more information contact

Avery Bruenjes
Senior Manager, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs

For questions or more information contact

Greg Wilson
Director, Government Relations (BC)

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