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BC Centre for Disease Control updates guidance on bulk bins, reusable containers and wearing masks

June 16, 2020

The BC Centre for Disease Control has updated guidance information on their food businesses page which includes several improvements for food retailers. The changes are highlighted with a yellow “updated” tag in the PDF which grocers and other retailers of food, or retailers with restaurants or cafés, will want to consult.

Revised guidance includes direction on the following common questions:

  1. Bulk items under the tab: Should we continue to sell bulk items?
  2. Reusable containers and bags under the tab: Should customers bring their own containers for take-away food or bulk items? What about reusable grocery bags and reusable beverage cups?

New guidance includes information on: 

  1. Reusable beverage containers
  2. Can customers’ self-service of food and beverages occur?
  3. What restaurants and other premises with indoor seating must enforce
  4. Can I use a barrier to meet the physical distancing requirement? What are barrier requirements?
  5. Can we increase patron seating using outdoor spaces?

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