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We must step up to support Black Lives Matter and end racism

June 5, 2020

As always, our retailers are focused on ensuring the health, safety and security of employees and consumers as well as all citizens within the countless communities in which they operate. Retail Council of Canada upholds voices of all Canadians, thus the importance of the current Black Lives Matter movement.  As an industry, we can and must support our black colleagues, employees, businesses and communities.  We look forward to our industry taking a leadership role in developing actionable plans and partnerships in order to imbed a culture of equality and opportunity within our retail organizations.

What you can do

Whether it is by donating money, attending demonstrations, educating ourselves, or amplifying the voices of black people, as a retail industry, we can and must support our black colleagues, employees, businesses and communities.

How you can support peaceful marches and peaceful demonstrations across Canada:

  • Support to your employees if they wish to participate in these demonstrations or marches.
  • Support by posting signs outside and inside your store against racism.
  • Support your black employees by giving them a voice to sharing their experiences, knowledge, and insights with their colleagues.
  • Use this free online course on preventing consumer racial profiling and share with your employees.
  • Partner with black businesses in your community – working together to grow and succeed.
  • Support black charities – amplify their voices and their causes within your retail business.

Black charities & business organizations you can reach out or donate to:

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