RCC advocacy wins from Bill 29 considerations - Retail Council of Canada

Last week, the Quebec government completed a detailed consideration of Bill 29 and retained some of RCC’s recommendations in the process.

Thanks to RCC advocacy, the retail sector will be represented in an advisory committee that will guide regulations once the Bill has been passed. RCC was also successful in suggesting a requirement in Article 38.8 – which the guarantee of good working order had to be near to the advertised price – should be relaxed.

With the unanimous support of the three opposition parties, the Bill was unlikely to be amended – so RCC is pleased with this development.

Bill 29: “An Act to protect consumers from planned obsolescence and to promote the durability, repairability, and maintenance of goods” will place an enormous burden and risk on the shoulders of retailers, if not more than manufacturers, because of these obligations. RCC will continue to advocate for retailers on this and other topics in Quebec.