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Best of The Voice of Retail Podcast – Retail Trends

April 12, 2022

The Next Age of Uncertainty: An interview with former Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz

Stephen Poloz, author, economist, and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, joins Michael LeBlanc on this very special episode for an exclusive interview to discuss the launch of his new book, “The Next Age of Uncertainty: How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future.”

Together Stephen and Michael talk about the major tectonic forces that are shaping a chaotic world. Among these forces are an aging workforce, mounting debt, and rising income inequality. Technological advances are quickening the pace of change, but Poloz argues the core fundamentals have always been there.

The Long View on Retail Transformation with CSC CEO Justin Yoshimura: Best of Conversations with CommerceNext podcast

We are delighted to share an entire episode from the second season of the Conversations with CommerceNext podcast featuring an interview with the founder and CEO of CSC Generation, Justin Yoshimura.

Listen in now as Michael LeBlanc and co-host Scott Silverman sit down with Justin, who pops open the hood and shares with us how his youth shaped his approach to business as well as the inner workings of CSC’s success. Together, they talk about the business of retail acquisition, entrepreneurial grit and how to prioritize company culture when scaling up your business.

Carolyn Spriet, President Hallmark Canada, talks about special moments in retail and getting ready for the future

In a wide-ranging interview, we get to learn more about the Hallmark business. From humble beginnings in 1910, the Hallmark brand continues to evolve across its business portfolios. From the Hallmark Channel content on the W Network in Canada, to the company’s Crayola subsidiary (hey did you know they owned Crayola??), and of course on the greeting card, gifts, ornaments and innovative interactive solutions all found in over 3,300 locations in Canada alone.

Carolyn shares her perspective with over 25 years of experience on retail strategy, differentiation, partnership and direct to consumer retail, the future of work, and insights from her day at the Odgers Berndtson Future Leaders of Tomorrow summit where she met and talked with youth from across Canada to learn and share ideas.

Five tips for retailers to thrive in 2022 with Mike Monty, PayPal Canada

This year, retailers, big and small, are starting off once again with some degree of uncertainty as a result of the evolving pandemic. One thing we do know is that Canadians are now comfortable and savvy online shoppers. In fact, a 2021 PayPal Canada study, titled “Trends & Spends” found Canadians across the country are spending about $2-billion more a month online.

Our guest on this episode of The Voice of Retail has a front seat to the past, present and future of eCommerce and payments: Mike Monty, PayPal Canada’s head of enterprise sales. And he joins host Michael LeBlanc in this exclusive interview to share the insights.

A retail reality check: Insights from Edelman’s Global Chief Brand Officer Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper, Global Chief Brand Officer and Senior Advisor at Edelman, stands on years of entrepreneurial experience in global brand, creative and business strategy and calls on her work to guide us through a reality check on the evolution of retail marketing in the post-pandemic world.

Step inside the mind of the post-COVID consumer: EY’s Future Consumer Index

Step inside the mind of the modern consumer with the latest research coming out of EY. Kristina Rogers, Chairwoman of the Global Consumer Board, takes us through the latest edition of EY’s Future Consumer Index. She covers the key takeaways, surprising findings + more.

Marc Saltzman is a self-proclaimed technology evangelist. As a super popular and respected freelance journalist for over 25 publications including USA Today and Costco Connection Magazine, Marc covers innovation in consumer tech and translates what he calls ‘geek speak’ into ‘street speak.’

Marc gives a highlight reel of the recent CES conference – a show that has been the global stage for technology innovation for over 50 years. Then, they look at what to expect this year in the tech and electronics retail space.