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Reinventing the shopping experience through state-of-the-art technology

August 27, 2019

With innovative display solutions from Samsung, storefront windows become effective tools for retailers to bring traffic into the store and improve the shopping experience.

The retail industry has evolved dramatically over the past decade. With ever-changing shopping behaviours, the strong emergence of e-commerce and global competition, retailers are consistently challenged to bring shoppers into their brick-and- mortar stores—and keep them coming back.

One of the most powerful tools at retailer’s disposal for engaging both new and existing customers is window displays. While static signs and various other displays are used as standard, retailers who want to remain competitive must adopt and integrate the latest and most innovative solutions which include digital signage. Recognizing the need for quickly customizable, highly visible content, Samsung designed its state-of-the-art Semi-Outdoor Signage suite of products for retail. Intended to deliver the most visually appealing content in any environment, these digital screens surpass traditional signage and engage audiences in new and innovative ways.

Current state of digital display technology in retail

It’s commonly known that we live in an overly-stimulated world; therefore, the ability to dazzle customers within a narrow window of time is more critical than ever.

Lacking the dynamic motion necessary to at- tract the attention of consumers, static, printed billboards are on their way to becoming a tactic of the past. As big brands and small businesses opt for digital window signage, they’re ultimate- ly achieving their business goals of increased foot traffic and sales, improved shopper experience and holistic branding. However, many retailers face the challenge of finding appropriate digital display solutions—ones that offer high-visibility and possess easy-to-manage software that helps manage and deliver bright and crisp content, even under direct sunlight  or bright indoor lights.

To overcome this obstacle, Samsung designed its Semi-Outdoor Signage series with store- front window displays in mind. This digital signage solution projects clear, bright images that inspire consumers to step into the store. With a modern configuration and slim design, the series is compatible with any store window. Embedded software enables operational efficiency so that retailers can manage their displays effortlessly.

Moreover, the Samsung Semi-Outdoor series is dual-sided which allows businesses to feature content both facing the street and the store interior using one display unit.

The benefits of Semi-Outdoor Signage for retailers

Beyond the ability to capture the attention of shoppers, the dual-sided Semi-Outdoor OMN-D series from Samsung offers a multitude of other benefits. With clean cable organization and easy-to-use software, as well as durable, energy-efficient display, Semi-Outdoor Signage allows retailers to build a customized window display that is reflective of their brand and in- store experience while at the same time enabling them to communicate meaningful and relevant content that resonates with their audiences.

With its flexible design and operational efficiency, the display is optimized for a wide range of retail businesses from quick-service restaurants to department stores and more. Retailers can maximize their storefront space through a variety of positioning options. Compared to conventional displays, Samsung Semi-Outdoor Signage offers a sleek, smart look that remains aesthetically pleasing to consumers. It also boasts polarized sunglass viewable display from any direction with 3,000 nit brightness outdoor facing and 1,000 nit brightness indoor facing, and a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1. The OMN-D series promotes customer engagement inside and outside the store and creates a memorable first impression, allowing retailers to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Digital display considerations for retailers

Semi-Outdoor Signage is one way retailers can engage broader audiences and increase foot traffic with digital display. But, to help put together the best solution for their business needs, retailers must consider the following:

  • Define objectives: What will the screen be used for and how will success be measured?
  • Audit the site: Is the window in direct sunlight? If so, is it all day or simply part of the day? This will affect the brightness levels that a screen needs to support, and its ability to handle the heat-load and glare of the sun.
  • Determine the content plan: Is big and bold messaging a priority for your business, or is fine detail more important?

As the past decade has demonstrated, the world is going digital. Digital advertising formats are not only enticing customers, but offer an experience customers both appreciate and expect from brands they choose to interact with.

With Samsung Semi-Outdoor Signage, retailers can promote content with exceptional clarity in any storefront window. As the number one worldwide leader in digital signage for the 10th consecutive year, Samsung Electronics Canada is committed to transforming digital signage and providing Canadian retailers with innovative display solutions as a natural extension of their retail environment.

So, is digital display for retail worth the investment? All signs point to yes.

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