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Pandemic-accelerated retail accessibility barriers addressed in new guidebook: Accessibility Amid a Changing Retail Landscape

Increase in digitization of retail has also increased accessibility challenges for those with disabilities.

TORONTO – August 24, 2022

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is excited to announce the launch of their new Accessibility Amid a Changing Retail Landscape guidebook.  This free 28-page guidebook, available in French and English, made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, offers retailers critical information, insights, and suggestions to help create and maintain accessible digital and physical stores.


While the increase in digitization of retail throughout the pandemic has made accessing shopping easier for many, it has at the same time added complexity for over 9.1 million people in Canada who are managing through various disabilities, as well as the growing number of older Canadians.

To assist retailers and businesses better understand how accessibility barriers impact their customers and business’ success, RCC has developed the Accessibility Amid a Changing Retail Landscape guidebook that covers:

  • Understanding the importance of how accessibility affects their stores
  • Understanding each disability and how to provide effective service to all
  • Simple low costs way to make their store accessible for all

To complement the teachings in the Accessibility Amid a Changing Retail Landscape guidebook, RCC is also hosting two webinars in September (simultaneous translation in French will be offered) that is open to everyone who wants to learn more about building mental health into retail operations.

To register:

These webinars are part of RCC’s EnAbling Change for Retailers series, an initiative aimed at making retail operations more accessible, adaptive, and inclusive.  A variety of topics are covered to help retailers tackle accessibility from every angle.  View previous EnAbling Change for Retailers webinars.

The Accessibility Amid a Changing Retail Landscape guidebook, available in French and English, can be downloaded for free from the Retail Council of Canada website. 



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