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Grow with Google Retail Recovery Series: Holiday Focus

Grow with Google

Retail Council of Canada has partnered with Google Canada to provide Grow with Google: Retail Recovery, a virtual education series to share insights, tools, products and case studies to accelerate your digital readiness and help you navigate the road ahead. Recordings of past sessions are available below.

Holiday Focus Part 1: Preparing for a reimagined holiday season

Google experts share consumer insights into how Canadians are thinking about this holiday season and tips for how to prepare your retail business for the most eComm-driven holiday on record.

  • Answer the what, when, and where of holiday: How might the pandemic impact what consumers buy and from whom? How will new behaviours impact when gifters cross off wish lists? Will consumers be ready to return to store?
  • Learn more about products across Google Ads, YouTube, Google My Business and Google Trends that can help you plan into holiday uncertainty and achieve your business objectives
  • Put hands to keyboard with actionable recommendations that will help you win the most unprecedented holiday season yet

Holiday Focus Part 2: Winning the holidays with a fast mobile experience

Google experts uncovers changes in Canadian consumer behaviour and the importance of mobile in winning retail’s biggest moment of the year.

  • 40% of consumers prefer to complete their entire shopping journey on mobile, and yet many companies still think about web and app experiences in silos (fragmented org structure, separate KPIs, etc), and value conversion differently across platforms.
  • In order to reach the goals, it’s critical for businesses to centre their mobile strategy around the user journey, building a seamless mobile experience across web and apps.

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